My role

Abba - 
Thank you thank you thank you!
I left M's house tonight with HOPE!!!
I am to stand against evil & wrongdoing!
Not to bow before it, cower and submit to it!
Forgive me for not seeing this.
Now Abba - help me to stand.
I find myself in standing.
I lose myself in simply surviving, living with the oppression.
Bear not a single care thyself
one is too much for thee -
the work is Mine and Mine alone
-thy work to rest in me!

Deliverance Lord - I can almost smell it!
Whereas yesterday it seemed to be only a cruel joke
to ever expect to see it...
What has changed?
Nothing but my perspective of my role!
To stand!
Not to give evil a place of honor and easy access
into my home, and the lives of my family.
Yes, we are long-suffering, and we bear up under certain wrongs
-but to live under a spirit of oppressive anger everyday?
No. No more.
I will stand Abba if you show me how.
"I will show you the way in which you will go."
Thank you!!!
Now help me to get some sleep so that I may be a blessing to those in
my life in the morning.
May I stand with your strength tomorrow!
Thank you that you are on my side!
Thank you for providing me with godly, encouraging words
of wisdom from my sister M.