Humin moments

So I'm human.  You can’t fault a cat for sleeping 18 hours a day, or a snail for taking 2 hours to cross the street. I’m human, therefore I live my life having human moments.  I drop things. I forget things. I make wrong turns and drive the wrong way down one-way streets.  I miss … Continue reading Humin moments

X-ray vision

My dog has a superpower.  She can see through trees and over hills and into dense bushes as if they weren’t even there! She can hear noises on another level, aware of movement way before I even know something is coming. And the more time I spend walking with her in the woods, the more … Continue reading X-ray vision

Are you good enough?

Experiences can change your point of view.  My eldest son returned from the army as a bit of a cynic, as well as being slightly paranoid towards the government.  He had spent a few years working in intelligence with a top secret clearance, and may have seen some things which made him question...well, the competency … Continue reading Are you good enough?

Who’s got your back?

You are not alone. I promise you that whatever you are facing today, hundreds - no, thousands - of others have faced as well.  You are surrounded by past and present lives who have felt exactly what you are feeling.   You are not alone. Yours is a unique combination of circumstances, a different mix, but … Continue reading Who’s got your back?

Broken doesn’t mean damaged


There are things in life that will break you. You may not realize this yet. But it will happen. I spent most of my life trying to avoid being broken – never understanding the power it holds to set things right.

I thought I was stronger than the storm. I thought that with stubborn willpower, sheer determination and the power of prayer I could do anything. It turned out to be quite a shock to my silly human ego that I was not, after all, superhuman.

You see, all the prayers in the world cannot change another person.

If you have ever lived with or loved an addict you know this is true. There is nothing you wouldn’t do, say, pay for – to help free them. Every avenue, every potential solution, every glimmer of a new idea that worked for someone else – all of these bring a messed…

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Fighting through the fog

I was ambushed.  Out of nowhere in particular,  the cloud descended and enveloped me today.  Suddenly the sunshine, usually so bright, was nowhere to be found.   Have you ever had a day like that?  Everything is blanketed in gray, heavy mist. And I know in my head that I am surrounded by good and beautiful … Continue reading Fighting through the fog