He hears us. We had left the restaurant early and in silence. I had said something wrong – I had pushed too hard. And apparently I had ruined the dinner. What followed was a long drive around in the dark while I was being told all of the things I did that were causing him … Continue reading Ask

Seeking my tribe

It’s happened again and again.  I wake up and it’s bittersweet, because I wake up to a reality that I love but at the same time the dream was so precious and part of me wants to linger there a while longer. I constantly dream of community.  Being surrounded by people.  Being part of a … Continue reading Seeking my tribe

Fighting for JOY

It’s the most wonderful time of year…right?  When the angels announced to the shepherds glad tidings which will be a source of great joy for all people!  When time seems to suddenly warp into overdrive and we are left stressing over spending budgets, which dessert to bring, when to fit in all the shopping, what … Continue reading Fighting for JOY