You were made to be victorious

Is it possible?  Living triumphantly when it seems that all life does is try to beat us down?  During one of the darkest moments of my life my mother gifted me a beautiful bookmark that read: He will get you through – not somehow – but triumphantly.

Up until that point my only goal had been survival.  Here was a new notion – triumphantly?  Something stirred in my spirit and I knew that it was possible, although not on my own.

Inspiration sometimes hides in the most mundane of places.  A bookmark.  A car ride with a 4 year old.  I was talking with my young preschooler about the migrating geese and how dangerous it was.  What if they were over the ocean and a storm hit?  “Mommy”, he said in his little 4 year old patient voice which he used to explain things to my silly adult brain, “they just fly above the storm.”  It hit me.  That’s how we get through triumphantly.  We don’t get tossed around trying to merely survive the wind, the hail, the lightning – we climb, we rise, we go above it.

Among these pages you will find my heart, my past, my knowledge…all that I have learned which helped me to rise above.  I take credit for none of it – He got me through, and that’s why I know He can do the same for you.  Be blessed – you are an over-comer!