The never-ending journey

2 thoughts on “The never-ending journey”

  1. So don’t focus so much on the finish line – focus on the journey. Be fully engaged and committed, roll down the window and stick out your head, take pictures, be still and look around you. Take it all in. Because good or bad – this too shall pass into the rearview mirror. But the person you take into the next leg of the journey will remain with you the whole time. And being fully vested, curious, present and engaged will only enrich your capacity to squeeze every drop out of the ride and move into each new leg as a richer person.

    This! Being fully vested and curious in the moment.

    Looking back has purpose when we can reflect, find joy, glean, or learn from and share but not to hold us captive to wallow and stay stagnant.

    Your writing delights and challenges me on my journey. The Lord indeed leads us on to still waters! May He quiet your soul with His perfect love today.

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    1. Yes! I have a quote in my classroom it says “Learning without reflection is a waste. Reflection without learning is dangerous” – Confucius. Reflection is how we learn – and learning leads to growth. So I agree with you 100% don’t let the past hold you captive but learn from it and be thankful for it…and then back to the present! Thanks for reading!!!


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