Epiphany in the mirror

An epiphany sounds like a deep spiritual awakening, but the definition that has resonated the most with me is this: it is a sudden perception regarding the true essence of something. Sudden clarity. The essential nature. I feel like many woman – in fact I know that many women – NEED to have a epiphany … Continue reading Epiphany in the mirror


He hears us. We had left the restaurant early and in silence. I had said something wrong – I had pushed too hard. And apparently I had ruined the dinner. What followed was a long drive around in the dark while I was being told all of the things I did that were causing him … Continue reading Ask

Unmasking fear

Inaction never conquers fear. Staying in place and waiting for things to change never sets you free. I can’t sit cowering in the corner simply hoping that fear will go away. I have to learn to take action and confront it WHILE feeling it. I was on a suspension bridge 500 feet above the canyon.  … Continue reading Unmasking fear