Epiphany in the mirror

An epiphany sounds like a deep spiritual awakening, but the definition that has resonated the most with me is this: it is a sudden perception regarding the true essence of something. Sudden clarity. The essential nature. I feel like many woman – in fact I know that many women – NEED to have a epiphany … Continue reading Epiphany in the mirror

Truth = Only Everything

Self confidence is one of the casualties of an abusive relationship.  You begin to doubt your own perception of things. Manipulators will make you feel like up is down and down is up and pretty soon you lose your bearings. It can be scary to lose your sense of judgment.   What if I am crazy?  … Continue reading Truth = Only Everything

The enemy in the mirror

I hated her.  I would put her down everyday, every chance I got.  I told her she was ugly, her hair was stupid, her legs were wierdly skinny, her teeth were too big, her face was lopsided.  I held nothing back.   I hated her for being shy.  She would blush, question herself a hundred times … Continue reading The enemy in the mirror

Baby-steps for showing up for yourself – stop gift wrapping your time for others!

We may have given it away in fear, or because of threats or tantrums or other manipulation – but the bottom line is we GAVE it away.  Our time. Anyone who has been in an abusive relationship always beats themselves up over all the wasted time spent trying to fix/heal/win over this person.  And I … Continue reading Baby-steps for showing up for yourself – stop gift wrapping your time for others!

Your inner bada**

When I was younger I wanted to be a boy.  I know that many would launch into a big psychological dissection of what that means, but let me quickly explain that it wasn’t because I was attracted to girls or was questioning my sexuality.  What I wanted was the “perks” of being a boy. See, … Continue reading Your inner bada**