Truth = Only Everything

6 thoughts on “Truth = Only Everything”

  1. You know what honey, you spoke to me. You sincerely spoke to me at the damn right time. I have been going through a face in my life which i seem to be overcoming but i was just imagining someone else in my shoes would believe the lies of the enemy and lose themselves. You know what? may God always always continue speaking to us because you may never know the person you are rescuing from suicide. I mean, This needs 100 likes. This is amazing, amazing, amazing

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    1. Thank you sweet Cynthia – keep up the good fight! He has strengthened you to stand and when you are standing you will NOT give any ground to the enemy. I will pray for you that you remain in the truth so that you can keep standing and overcoming – that is what you are made to do!


    1. Thank you! Isn’t that the ironic beauty in life? What we fight and hide so much – ends up helping others because in some way we are all doing the same thing. Fighting lies.

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