The science (and magic) of LOVE

How amazing it is that the human body PHYSICALLY needs love, affection and nurturing to even grow.  “Failure to thrive” in children is nothing more than when all physical needs are met, yet they are not developing – for lack of love.

Physiologically it changes us.

And even as we seek to understand this we innately know it to be true.  We have all at one point of another felt our spirits thrive because of someone’s love, and conversely we have agonized through the bleeding of our souls as it was neglected, belittled or ignored by one we loved.

You don’t need to be a world-renowned doctor to make a difference in the world.  You don’t need to be a five-star general to help save people.  

You simply need to LOVE as if lives depended on it.  Love – everyone – without discrimination, Because the person cussing you out from the other lane, the one butting in front of you to buy the last cider donuts, the one making sarcastic comments belittling your child – all of these distasteful behaviors stem from a lack of love somewhere in their lives.  They did not develop the relationship bonds needed to know that they are safe, loved and valuable, able to self-regulate their now adult needs. They are stuck in a “failure to thrive” scenario which colors every scene of their lives.

We need to see the lack in their past, the cries that went unanswered, the cruel slaps in the face instead of the warm nurturing response to their needs…the sick cycle of love lack being passed down to another generation.

While it has scientifically been shown that there can be permanent damage done by early lack of love and nurturing, it is never too late to spread the antidote far and wide in the hope of bringing about healing and wholeness.  Be part of the solution – change lives through the simple act of sharing the love you have been given. And if you are among those who unfortunately did not come into the world with reliable, affectionate care-givers, know that you are still daily being surrounded by love by the Creator.  The sweet air you breathe, the sun on your face, the songs of the birds, the colors and flavors and tastes and hundreds of sensations we delight in – all these are a loving gift meant to nurture you to wholeness. The possibility of loving relationships, the people in your world who are there ready to connect – it is all yours, a gift from the universe to quench your thirsty spirit.  Learn to look around and open your eyes to the millions of love notes and kindnesses from God…His perfect provision. As you accept them and thank the universe for them, they will begin to fill the void and pour love into your soul.  

May we all participate in the restorating science of love as we seek to piece back together what is broken in ourselves and all those we encounter.

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