Your own personal fragrance

We all want more joy in our lives.  More contentment, love, freedom from fear and anger and oppression.  We long for true connection with others, deep understanding and appreciation.  We live in a day and age when information is EVERYWHERE and in such huge quantities that it can be overwhelming.  Everyone’s voice can be heard … Continue reading Your own personal fragrance

The whistling frog

What is beauty and how does the human soul recognize it?  And why are we naturally drawn to it? Is it true that beauty is subjective or is there also a universal standard, a beauty that is recognized in every country and by every human...or at least all those who can still see beauty?  Does … Continue reading The whistling frog

This isn’t love

Love is not seeing how much s*** you can put up with from another human being. We think that if we continually turn the other cheek, look the other way, forgive and allow it to happen again that we are somehow being loving.  But here's the thing: we're allowing them to get away with bad … Continue reading This isn’t love

Permission to grieve

I want to wear black.  Everyday. Because there is no color right now in my life.   And I want to cover my head and throw ashes on it. I want everyone who sees me to know that my life is not OK in any way, that it has been forever altered and that a … Continue reading Permission to grieve

Humin moments

So I'm human.  You can’t fault a cat for sleeping 18 hours a day, or a snail for taking 2 hours to cross the street. I’m human, therefore I live my life having human moments.  I drop things. I forget things. I make wrong turns and drive the wrong way down one-way streets.  I miss … Continue reading Humin moments

X-ray vision

My dog has a superpower.  She can see through trees and over hills and into dense bushes as if they weren’t even there! She can hear noises on another level, aware of movement way before I even know something is coming. And the more time I spend walking with her in the woods, the more … Continue reading X-ray vision

Are you good enough?

Experiences can change your point of view.  My eldest son returned from the army as a bit of a cynic, as well as being slightly paranoid towards the government.  He had spent a few years working in intelligence with a top secret clearance, and may have seen some things which made him question...well, the competency … Continue reading Are you good enough?

Who’s got your back?

You are not alone. I promise you that whatever you are facing today, hundreds - no, thousands - of others have faced as well.  You are surrounded by past and present lives who have felt exactly what you are feeling.   You are not alone. Yours is a unique combination of circumstances, a different mix, but … Continue reading Who’s got your back?

Fighting through the fog

I was ambushed.  Out of nowhere in particular,  the cloud descended and enveloped me today.  Suddenly the sunshine, usually so bright, was nowhere to be found.   Have you ever had a day like that?  Everything is blanketed in gray, heavy mist. And I know in my head that I am surrounded by good and beautiful … Continue reading Fighting through the fog

Who’s mess am I anyways?

Messes can be scary, and when we continue to avoid them we allow them to grow and silently take over. But what if we didn't have to fear our inner mess?

They can’t fill you

Endlessly looking to be filled by another ends up robbing us of the opportunity to live a full life - looking in, not out - is the key to finding all and more than we need!

Right NOW

The present is the giver of innumerable gifts...but we have to show up to realize just how rich we are!

Pull out the arrow and move on!

It hurts. Wounds by a loved one can feel like an arrow to the heart. Acknowledge the wound but don't stay there...there is a way to freedom and healing and empowerment even after a devastating hurt!

Strictly for the ladies

You are not called to be a martyr or his savior. Trust your instincts when you feel like something is wrong and take action before it's too late. Things never get better on their own - please girl! Listen to those of us who have lived it and witnessed it.