Pull out the arrow and move on!

4 thoughts on “Pull out the arrow and move on!”

  1. This is so powerful and so well written. I relate to it a great deal and I too have gone through the phases of forgiveness. I was never one having to revenge the hurt, but I held on to the pain in the past which as you know is damaging and dangerous itself. I have since learned to forgive (for they don’t know what they are doing) and still come across the disbelief of others that I can do this. They are often dumbfounded how I can show compassion and forgiveness for someone who has betrayed and hurt me. I just imagine the hell they must be stuck in to act like this, to put others down to empower themselves. And sometimes it’s not always a matter of the person deserving forgiveness, but you deserving your freedom. The only way to achieve such it by letting it go and by learning to forgive.
    Wonderful post, thank you for sharing this.


    1. Thank you and I agree – it is much worse to remain in a state of unforgiveness! We are fighting for our freedom and our right to move on. What you have learned to do is powerful and freeing and life changing! Thanks so much for sharing!

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